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Should You Fire Your Literary Agent? The 10 Signs That It’s Time To Say Good-bye - Writer’s Relief Blog

It’s not easy to make the decision to leave your literary agency. No writer wants to fire a literary agent. Usually, literary agents and writers enter into their partnership with lots of enthusiasm and optimism. Most writers would rather try to work out any problems with their current agent than start the entire process of finding literary agent representation all over again.

That said, sometimes the signs point toward firing a literary agent. If you’ve been on the fence about whether to stay with your literary agent or say good-bye, this article will help you decide.

Kentucky Living magazine Invites Feature Articles from Freelance Writers - Pays up to $935/article


Freelance writers interested in writing feature articles for Kentucky Living magazine can pitch their ideas to Editor Paul Wesslund until the middle of June 2014. The editorial staff assigns most feature articles during July to be published next year in 2015.

Besides feature articles, writers still have the opportunity to pitch other stories during the year for different departments and columns. The magazine offers a current editorial calendar with specific due dates for article assignments.

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